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Photographs 8607 ~ 9540 | Rain Photography at Night in Seoul

One rainy evening in May 2016, I finished work and headed directly to Seoul to do some street photography. The rain wouldn’t stop me from going out to explore and photograph, this time with a camera AND umbrella in hand. I visited the Gwanghwamun area and Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul, South Korea. Below are some of the resulting images I’m happy to share with you.

Photograph #1

Arriving in Gwanghwamun, I began taking a look for anything that I found interesting and began documenting the scenes. Many of the photographs have a similar vibe. With the rain pouring down and the artificial lights of the city streets, we found a lot of reflecting lights making great opportunities for my usual high-contrast, black-and-white photography.

Photograph #2

I especially love this image. I remember this man standing in front of the backlit scene. He was just standing there with his Mountain Dew in hand. I framed the scene and waited for just the right moment to take the photograph. I was able to capture the scene when another man walked in front with his umbrella in hand. The only thing that I’m not a fan of is the pylons. But when it comes to street photography and documenting on the streets, certain things are unavoidable. Still, I’m very happy with this image.

Photograph #3

Not a whole lot to say about this image, as is usual with some of the photographs I’ll be sharing. It’s a photograph that I captured as I was walking around.

Photograph #4

More walking around, documenting.

Photograph #5

When I was at the crosswalk, I decided to try something a little different. I had the focus on the people in the background and waiting to get a vehicle coming through the frame. This motorcycle, I felt did the trick very nicely. I was happy with the resulting image.

Photograph #6

An interesting couple with their umbrellas!

Photograph #7

A young couple. When you’re young, simply departing is torture!

Photograph #8

Again, another lovely couple sharing their umbrella. I thought it was quite sweet, and couldn’t help but take a photograph of it.

Photograph #9~11

From the Gwanghwamun area, I made my way over to Cheonggyecheon Stream, which was nearby. I went there and continued photographing. Under a bridge resting I discovered this lovely couple sitting and enjoying each other’s company. Again, I couldn’t help but photograph the lovely moments.

April~May 2016
Photographs: #8607~9540

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