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Photographs 9541 ~ 10483 | An Evening Exploring Hongdae, Seoul

On an evening in mid-May 2016, I ventured out to Hongdae, Seoul for some street photography. The following are some of the select images I took that evening.

I share my thoughts on some of the images.
Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all.
But I’m open to any comments or questions on the photos.
Leave your thoughts in the comments at the end of this article or by selecting the individual image and comment icon.

Photograph #1,2

Starting the evening, I came across this scene. There are many photographers out there with varying views on taking multiple images, especially when it comes to street photography. Some feel that you should take only one frame. They limit themselves in that respect whether they capture a good frame or not. I don’t limit myself in that respect. I’m fine with taking multiple photographs of the scene but within reason.

I would advise against the ‘spray and pray’ frame of mind. This is basically when a photographer holds down their shutter, taking a large number of images, and hoping they capture an image or two that is worthwhile. There’s little creative thought in this process. Instead, take an image or two of a scene. Then if the opportunity is still open you can reframe, and try to photograph from a different vantage point. Or, try to take images of different movements or expressions.

Photograph #3

Photograph #4

I enjoy this image. VR was just starting to get popular at the time. I came across this scene walking past a cell phone shop. I was happy to get the image just at the right time and think I captured it well.

Photograph #5,6

A couple of random photos.

Photograph #7~9

Again, I was taking a few different images of the same scene. At slightly different times the frame can often change quite a bit. I like the center photograph best.

Photograph #10

Just hanging around!

Photograph #11

Sometimes a dark corner works!

Photograph #12

This is another little pet peeve of mine. Although I understand it to a degree, there is a ‘thing’ about taking photographs of people’s backs, especially in the online street photography community. So the difficulty lies in being afraid of taking photographs of someone from the front.

In my case, I started a little weary of doing straight-on photographs. But with some practice, this went away. That is not to say I NEVER take photos from behind. Though in such social media groups, a photo like the above may be heavily criticized, I as a person might even be personally attacked, I still photograph a variety of images including ones from behind a person. Hopefully, the body of photographs from a given location, day, or time can give someone a fuller feel for the complete atmosphere.

Photograph #13,14

So, roaming around, I came across this beautiful little scene. This cute scene of this young couple grabbed my attention. Trying hard not to disturb the couple, I aimed to capture the moment. I think I did so successfully. It’s one of my favorite photographs from the early days of my photography journey.

I’d love to know your thoughts: Do you prefer the color or black and white?

Photograph #15

Although, I’m not posting them up, (unless you’d like me to!), this is another scene of a couple that I stood back, observed, and took several frames of. The frame capturing just the right time and gesture was the image I selected to edit and share.

Photograph #16

In street or documentary photography out-of-focus, motion blur, and high ISO images with lots of noise are not always write-offs! I think sometimes you can get creative, and these blemishes add to the feel of the resulting image. What do you think?

A Few More Images

May 2016
Photographs: #9,541~10,483

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