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Inspiration Magazine Vol 1. | Feature: Pedro Quintela – Dreaming of a Better World

We’re happy to introduce to you Pedro Quintela. We discovered some of Pedro’s fantastic landscape photography and we were inspired! We’re sure that his work will serve to inspire you as well. The images he’s captured are truly stunning. In addition to sharing a view of the images he’s shared with us today, we’re happy to share some words from the man himself.

We asked Pedro where he draws his inspiration from: “My inspiration comes from two different worlds. On the one hand, I always search for positivity in the places I visit. There’s always something beautiful that’s worth capturing. On the other hand, since I am a Historian, I strongly relate to Romanticism painting. This movement is focused on emotion and the free expression of the artists. These painters stepped away from the classical rules of art.

Additionally, we asked him what advice he would give to newer photographers getting into landscape today. He shared with us these tidbits:

And what advice would you give to aspiring photographers today? “Sincerely, when I began, I didn’t get much good advice. But as with everything in life, with experience and training, you’ll eventually get there. One thing that I must say is—that gear is only a tool. Don’t spend much money if you’re a newbie or even if you aren’t sure this is your thing. Try to emulate examples from the images you like. Understanding how to frame and compose is a far better thing to learn. Finally don’t get stressed or overwhelmed if the images that you get aren’t what you expected. It takes time and effort to achieve outstanding results.

About Pedro Quintela

We are stunned by Pedro’s fantastic photographs! 😊 Much could be said about his beautiful work, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on his photography down in the comments!

We’re again very happy to present to you the beautiful artwork of Pedro Quintela. And we invite you to get to know Pedro a little better and explore his wonderful more.

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