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I’m happy to present you with my love photos archive. Throughout my journey with photography, I’ve been exploring and documenting the scenery and people everywhere I go. There are many occasions where I’ve had the joy of documenting love in the air. Not always with 100% accuracy and with some assumption on my part that these are couples in love, whether that is accurate or not, the images I find to be very beautiful. I’ve named this the Love Photos archive, where I will share this series of images from my entire photography archive.

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Gwanghwamun Love Photos (May 2016)

On a rainy day in May 2016, I went to Gwanghwamun, Seoul. There I took a few hours walking around and photographing. I took several photographs of young couples sharing umbrellas in the rain. In Japan there’s a saying, if you say that two people share an umbrella, you’re saying that they are a couple. That came to mind very readily while looking through these photographs. I also walked through Cheonggyecheon stream where found the cutest couple sitting on the steps under the bridge.

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A Romantic Walk (May 2016)

Here’s an image that I enjoy. I took the image back in May 2016 of a couple walking hand-in-hand in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a very simple image, loved by some and even criticized by others. I seem to often get an array of feedback on my images when posted on social media. Everybody’s a critic I guess, especially on Facebook! The photo is of a lovely, young couple. Where are they going? What are they looking at? That’s a mystery! I enjoy the simplicity. Let’s not overthink everything. 😅

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Love Photos in Gapyeong, South Korea (April 2016)

Spring in South Korea is absolutely beautiful. It’s also the time that cherry blossoms bloom and it makes for a good time to take a family trip. In 2016, we took a trip to Gapyeong, South Korea to enjoy some family time for the weekend. We visited two places. Nami Island and the Land of the Morning Calm. Both were busy with many families and couples dating. These are some of the photographs I took while documenting the atmosphere there.

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Love Photos in Dongdaemun, Seoul (January 2016)

Kicking off my love photos archive is this image from January 2016. I was out exploring the Dongdaemun area in Seoul, South Korea one evening. I documented much of what I discovered, including the numerous people in these scenes. On reflecting on the images, I came across this one with whom I assume is a lovely couple. I love this image.

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