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I’m happy to present you with my street food photography archive. Among some ‘street photographers, ‘ street food photography is not thought to be of special interest or value. However, I disagree. While out exploring and documenting life around me, if I’m in busy areas with crowds of people and street food, you can count on me documenting just what I see. I’ll try to get creative and capture the scene as best as possible. In my opinion, if you’re in various locations around the world, street food photography could be extremely interesting as well.

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Myeongdong Street Food (January 2016)

I went out to Myeongdong, a popular market among both tourists and locals. There are several stalls of street food, and I was happy to come across this particular scene. I loved capturing the vendor and the steam coming off the hot, freshly cooked food!

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Street Food Photography in Dongdaemun (January 2016)

One beautiful thing about living in Seoul, South Korea, is the nightlife. And I’m not talking about clubbing and drinking, although there is that, too. I’m talking about the liveliness of the evening. There are many things to do in the evening, lots of restaurants, and lots of gatherings of friends, families, and couples. There are also countless opportunities for a photographer to get out and explore and document the night atmosphere. The above images were taken in the Dongdaemun area in Seoul. I enjoyed observing the street food, the workers, and the variety of people treating themselves to a late snack.

Street Food Photography Dongmyo Flea Market (January 2016)

One early morning in Seoul, South Korea, I was visiting Dongmyo Flea Market for some street photography. Among the many venues selling all kinds of goods, I came across this scene of a street vendor selling hot Korean fishcake sticks with soup. They were also selling alcohol, the bottles seen cut off at the bottom of the frame. While documenting the area, this scene stood out to me, and I captured it. With many of my documentary-style works, I also enjoy this type of high-contrast black-and-white photo.

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