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I’m happy to present you with my complete night photography photo archive. Night photography has always been something that I’ve been drawn to. Since getting into photography in 2014, I started getting out and doing photography at night. There seems to be something very special about doing photography at night. Especially while I was living in Seoul, South Korea. Be it the nightlife culture in Korea and the lights made for many adventures in documenting the city. I’m happy to share my archive of night photography from my time in South Korea and my work at night after returning to Ontario, Canada.

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Everland Merry-Go-Round (January 2016)

In January 2016, I took a little trip to Everland, one of South Korea‘s largest amusement parks. I wanted to try something a little more creative than usual, so I created the above images using a slow shutter speed of the Merry-Go-Round. I was very happy with the resulting images. Night photography for this scene made it quite interesting, I think.

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Dongdaemun Night Photography (January 2016)

Come 2016, there was certainly no slowing down in my photographic endeavors. I explored even more, especially during the evenings, for night photography. On this particular day, I was out for some photography in the Dongdaemun area in Seoul, South Korea. I took in the scenes and captured the views as I found them. I had an enjoyable time documenting what I discovered.

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Gangnam, Seoul Night Exposure Photography (October 2015)

Gangnam became very well-known worldwide by Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style. It has always been a high-end and well-known area in Seoul. It’s especially popular for its nightlife culture. Making it a beautiful destination for night photography, which is why I set out to do this one evening in October 2015. I went out with a tripod and camera in hand to do some slow shutter speed photos to capture some motion. I especially love the image on the left that includes the woman in high heels crossing along. Anyone who knows Gangnam will also recognize the area immediately as the buildings in the background are iconic.

Late Night/Early Morning Bus Trails (October 2015)

On this late night/early morning in October 2015, I traveled to Gwanghwamun, Seoul, to photograph in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The light trails of the buses made for fascinating images. I was new to this type of long-exposure work and excited about the results!

Light Stream Night Photography (October 2015)

In October 2015, I learned about long-exposure photography from the internet and loved how it looked. It was only a matter of time before I purchased a tripod to test out some light trail photography on a street near my home in Goyang, South Korea. The photographs weren’t spectacular, but they were a beautiful start to learning slow shutter, and I began a long stretch of night photography as I documented life at night in Korea.

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