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I’m happy to present you with my complete photo archive of light trail photography. Light trail photography is a type of long exposure photography that is taken at night by using a slow shutter speed. When light travels through your exposure it leaves a trail, thus it’s classified as light trail photography. It wasn’t long after getting into photography that I learned about long exposure and subsequently light trail photography. Many times I experimented with this form of photography, I have enjoyed the results, and I’m happy to present them to you in this complete archive of my light trail photography.

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Bus Trails in Gwanghwamun (October 2015)

One early morning in October 2014, I took a bus to Gwanghwamun, Seoul where I intended to do some long exposure photographs in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The palace is beautifully lit up at night, however, it seems it doesn’t get lit up in the morning before sunrise. My plan was somewhat foiled, but I don’t get dissuaded too easily. The area in front of the palace is this high-traffic three-way intersection with many buses traveling through. I set up my tripod and camera and began taking photographs of the light trails. I was happy with the results!

First Try at Light Trail Photography

One of my first attempts at light trail photography was back in 2015. I had learned about doing long exposure photography online and quickly went out to buy a tripod to give it a shot. Then one evening, I went out for a little walk close to home in Goyang, South Korea. I set up on this quiet street late at night and photographed some cars as they raced by. I was happy with these original tests doing what I now know as light trail photography.

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