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Photographs 8489 ~ 8606 | Random Black & White in Seoul

In this series of photographs I took many family photographs with my son, however, I saved these personal photographs for myself and my family. I took a few random photographs in Seoul during this time that I’m happy to share with you. These are from the end of April 2016.

Photograph #1

Street photography in Seoul, South Korea. Korean Woman walking in skirt, black and white photography.

This photograph doesn’t shout amazing by all means. It was a split-moment random shot on the streets of Seoul, South Korea. It seems like an everyday walk in the city for me. Not being super spectacular, it’s not an image that I would normally share, however for the sake of this journal sharing my journey in photography at that time, I have included it.


Photograph #2

Street photography in Seoul, South Korea. Woman listening to music standing in front of a Lotteria advertisement of a man eating a burger with cheese stringing out of it.

This second image, I like! I love the woman standing there waiting for a bus, just wearing her earphones and doing her own thing on her phone. But beyond that, I love the advertisement behind her. It’s a popular fast-food chain in South Korea, called Lotteria, and the advertisement is for a ‘mozzarella in the burger’ burger! (They’re actually very tasty, especially with bacon!) There’s a lot of memory tied up in this photograph, I guess!


Photography #3

Young couple walking down the street in Seoul, South Korea. Photograph by street/documentary photographer Donald MacDonell

The final image that I’m happy to share with you is of this lovely couple walking down the street. I love this photograph and this sweet little moment between this couple. I get that it is very cliche. Generally with street photography, I try to avoid taking photos from the back of a person. Some people do so, simply because they’re afraid to take photos from the front. I’m not one of those people, at least not at this point in my journey.

However, at times taking such a photograph can be very rewarding and beautiful! So I recommend not passing up a moment you may feel could be as beautiful, simply to avoid such criticism.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photographs and the topics discussed. Simply leave me a comment below! 😊


April 2016
Photographs: #8489~8606

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