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Complete Photo Archive of Munsan, Paju

I’m happy to present you with my most complete photo archive of Munsan. Munsan is a small town located in Paju, Gyeonggi Do, South Korea. I at times was able to visit Munsan, and I enjoyed documenting what I discovered there. This photo archive presents a full outline of my photography and experiences in the town of Munsan.

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Visit to Munsan, Paju (January 2016)

This was one of my first times to go and document what I discovered in Munsan, Paju. This is quite a trip from Seoul, considering I went by public transportation. At this point, in January 2016, I had already started photographing in RAW, which means that I have better control over editing than I would if I were still photography in JPEG. These images are not the same as I edited in 2016. Since I could revisit the RAWS, I edited them more recently while going through my entire archive of images.

The photographs may not be technically spectacular. However, I enjoy these images because they clearly show the beginning of my interest not only in street photography but in documenting life in general. I photographed not only scenes and moments on the street but also details that remind me of Munsan! Which I truly value, and tend to lean towards even today when photographing.

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