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I’m happy to present you with my farm photo archive. The farm photo archive is a complete look at all my photography that has been of farms. Living in Seoul, South Korea, and getting into photography there gave me several years of documenting life throughout the country. Farms in South Korea are unique compared to farms back home in Ontario, Canada. But I’m happy to share these images. My future photographs of farms will constantly be added to this farm photo archive.

*This Post will Soon be Updated*

Seoul Farm Photo #1~5 (September 2014)

The average farm photo from South Korea will likely look very different from any taken in Canada or the States. South Korea is 70% mountains, leaving little land for residents or farmland. Some small areas are protected as farmland, and can only be used for such. Some of these farms are like what’s depicted in the images above. They rest at the foot of a mountain in Dobongsan, Seoul. I have a photo journal about my excursion to Dobongsan.

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