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I’m happy to present you with my complete graveyard photo archive. Graveyards are not usually a sight many would like to photograph. Nevertheless, I enjoy documenting life and the environment of the places I go. Graveyards are certainly a part of that. It may seem odd, but honestly, a graveyard photo can make for a very interesting and captivating image. I also enjoy documenting the differences and uniqueness of each location that I stumble upon. I happily present you with my complete graveyard photo archive.

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South Korea Graveyard Photo (September 2014)

In 2014, I was living in Seoul, South Korea, where I first learned photography. I would routinely travel and explore the areas that I visited looking for anything that I found interesting to document. I would take photographs including the occasional graveyard photo!

It is common to see gravesites, tombs, and the like throughout the mountain regions in Korea. South Korea is about 70% mountains and so, it’s quite common. In addition to random sites that we might stumble upon, there are many sites of the Joseon Dynasty royalty tombs that are regularly maintained. The above graveyard photos are from the Dobongsan area in Seoul, which I documented while exploring the area.

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