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I’m happy to present you with my mountain photography archive. During my time in South Korea, I frequently enjoyed going to national parks for mountain photography. With the country being 70% mountains, most of these national parks and natural preserves are large mountain ranges. I’m grateful to present you with my mountain photography from both my time in South Korea and back in Canada.

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Bukhansan Mountain Photography (September 2014)

On reflection, mountain photography takes a certain skill set in addition to the endurance of climbing and hiking. Back in 2014, when I was new to photography in general, nevertheless mountain photography, taking spectacular photographs of the mountains was beyond my level. But, as a good trooper, I still attempted to capture the mountains when I hiked up Bukhansan National Park‘s highest peak with some friends. As usual, when exploring, I took my camera and did my best to capture the environment. I was satisfied with my results, though much remained to be learned.

I detail my adventure to Bukhansan along with a couple of other trips from around the same time in Seoul, South Korea in this 2014 photo journal entry.

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