New Updates January 12, 2024

I used to keep a What’s New? page on The Photo Memoirs website. However things are changing, and hopefully it will be a change for the better.

Instead of keeping a dedicated page to recent changes, I will post a blog post detailing updates and changes as they occur. To view all recent updates, you can simply select ‘Updates’ from the main menu or go to: https://www.donaldmacdonell.com/category/updates/

What will I update you on?

New projects and personal photography.
Personal insights into the world of photography.
Inspiring Photography.
Videos and the like that I publish outside this website.
Updates to The Photography Mentoring Program.
And More.

*I will not update you on articles posted on this website., as those are easily found by visiting the website.

I hope this will prove to be useful to you in your photography journey! 📸
Let’s have an awesome 2024 as we grow in our photography together! 😊

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